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Who Takes Care of You When You Take Care of Your Kids?

Parenting a child in itself is work and even stressful, let alone when your child has challenge.

So what do you do for self-care to manage these stresses? Here are some idea:
Physical Care                                                                        
·        Exercise regularly                              
·        Have a good night’s sleep
·        Eat right by cutting down on sugars and processed food
·        Drink soothing herbal tea, warm chocolate, or milk
·        Receive regular preventive medical care
·        Cuddle up with your partner or spouse
·        Take a hot shower or soak in a long bath
·        Walk your dog or on your own or with a friend
·        Learn mindfulness exercises – listen to audio clips or listen to them on YouTube
Emotional Care          
·        Listen to your favorite music
·        Set time aside for fun with family and friends
·        Join a social club (such as
meetup.com) and make new friends
·        Express emotions such as laughing and crying
·        Put aside alone time for self-reflection
·        Prioritize activities that make you happy
·        Be flexible about social activities and work around family schedule
·        Spoil yourself - get a massage, manicure, pedicure or go to a spa
·        Laugh at the funnies (see Yahoo’s homepage)
·        Find time for a weekly date with your partner
·        Say “No” to extra responsibilities
·        Join a parent’s network to discuss concerns
·        Consider therapy for anxiety, stress and anger management
Intellectual Care                                                                                        
·        Go to the library or browse the Web for intellectually stimulating content
·        Listen to radio programs, audio books or podcasts
·        Do a project – handicrafts or art
·        Write stories, blogs or personal journal
·        Watch documentaries on TV, DVD from the library or Netflix
·        Take up a hobby
·        Join an intellectual discussion group
·        Enroll in a part-time course – online or offline
Spiritual Care                                                          
·        Attend religious services
·        Spend time outdoors and in nature
·        Meditate or pray
·        Contribute to causes you believe in

·        Write a journal and reflect on your new life
·        Find quiet time for yourself
·        Volunteer with your school 
Take charge of yourself – recharge!