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18 Fun Activities With Your Kids

Are your kids saying they are bored on weekends or during school breaks? Perhaps some of the following activities can add interest and excitement:

1.     Make a family scrapbook of photos.

2.     Bake a fruit pizza of blueberries, strawberries and other summer fruits.

3.     Invite friends over for a tea party.

4.     Make popsicles in your freezer.

5.     Grow tomatoes or sunflowers.

6.     Enjoy a picnic in a park.

7.     Bike a few miles.

8.     Visit the public library.

9.     Write a poem, song or play.

10.  Create your own Website.

11.  Organize a scavenger hunt.

12.  Change something in your room.

13.  Stargaze.

14.  Pick up one good habit.

15.  Skip stones at a lake.

16.  Grow some lavender for your own potpourri.

17.  Have a car wash to raise funds for your favorite charity.

18.  Learn a new skill or adopt a new hobby.